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Book Keeping

So many people and business owners do not enjoy doing any bookkeeping related duties. Some people are too busy to deal with the bookkeeping side of their business. Some other people are not knowledgeable in that area. Whatever the situation, we can assist your business in carrying out these services.

We offer general bookkeeping services to our clients, either on your premises or on our premises. We will complete your books and records on a regular basis. You may require help to write up books or need us to add the finishing touches to information on bookkeeping systems in order to create your own information.

We render Bookkeeping and support services to ensure that your financial records are kept up to date throughout the year in preparation for the year end accounts.

We can develop an effective sales invoicing and tracking system, which can be used by many businesses to improve profitability. We can carry out an assessment of your current system and work with you to enhance and implement more efficient bookkeeping.

Do you realise that giving credit facilities is a very effective means to increase sales but if not managed properly can be more detrimental than effective? Have you got a procedure for this? We assist with setting procedures and monitoring the system, leaving you with ample time to concentrate on other operational issues.

We can provide assistance with the installation and training of your staff on leading accounting software packages, in other to enable you carry out your bookkeeping processes more efficiently.
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