Testimonials on Accounting Work Experience, Sage Line 50, Sage Payroll & Management Accounting Trainings

  • The trainer was very proficient. The manner in which the Accounting Work Experience Training was administered was systematic, ensuring there was the theory to back up practical experience- Tom; Certified Accounting Technician

  • The Management Accounting training is a good refresher course, and it helps one see that life is a continuos process of learning- Marilou; B.Sc Acc

  • I gained a lot of knowledge on how the real work environment operates with the Management Accounting training- Shanice; BA Hons (Acc & Finance)

  • The teaching was made lively and included a lot of practical examples- Pallav

  • I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and the facilities provided- Samuel; ACCA Student

  • It was a comprehensive, well arranged course in a short span of time- Jose; ICWAI

  • The tutor was friendly and the training will definitely help me in my career- Prakriti; B.Sc (Hons) Mathematics

  • The depth and nature of the training makes it really worthwhile and the teaching was easy to understand. Learning was practical which made the training more enjoyable- Ramandeep; A-Levels

  • The interaction between the trainer and the trainees was of good quality- Ping; MSc (Acc & Finance)

  • Very clear explanations on the use of Sage were given throughout the training- Izabella; IAB Level 1 & 2

  • I enjoyed the friendly environment and the tutor was very informative. The course ought to be longer in order to give more practice

  • It was very practical. We dealt with a lot of examples based on real business situations, so it was helpful to understand how accounting systems actually work- Noriko; CAT student

  • I really enjoyed the hands on training and we received thorough explanations. This will help me in my course and career- Maria; BA (Hons) Acc with Business

  • The mode of delivery was very good and a very brilliant teaching method from a brilliant teacher. The training should have been longer- Ade; GCSE

  • I enjoyed the way the tutor delivered the training and we got useful information and many real life examples- Lenuta; Accounting & Business Administration

  • Having made mistakes, I loved the way the tutor utilized the errors made to teach us how to make corrections to our mistakes- Nkiama; AAT

  • Processing real sample invoices and getting hands-on experience on Sage Line 50 and the enthusiasm of the tutor was very inspiring.

  • The training has been very useful and the cost is very moderate, so I will be recommending my friend- Kojo; BEd (Acc with Mgt)

  • It is very encouraging and useful, hopefully I will get to know more and understand more during the work placement- Bassey; ACCA Student

  • The training was very helpful and I enjoyed learning in a group and got various useful ideas- Poonam; University graduate

  • I enjoyed the relationship that followed in impacting the knowledge- Ezikpe; BSc Acc & ACCA Student

  • The training environment was very relaxed and this facilitated understanding- Harjeev; University graduate

  • Learning new skills on the training was very useful and will help me in my career. I was really pleased I attended- Katherine; BSc Mathematics

  • The training was very informative and the cost was just right- Andrew; AAT & ACCA Part Qualified

  • I enjoyed every second and minute of the training and the time taken to explain details the content of the training- Tony; MSc & ACCA Part Qualified

  • It has given me a good knowledge of Sage Payroll and manual payroll computations- Tony; MSc & ACCA Part Qualified

  • The new knowledge gained on payroll will definitely help my career- Andrew; AAT & ACCA Part Qualified

  • I was very satisfied with the manual payroll computations and the clear explanations we received on the training.

  • It was very lively and all questions were accommodated.

  • The training approach was very good and this payroll training will help my career.

  • Real data & answers to different questions spread over 3days- Jawad; Bookkeeper

  • The training was satisfying & will help me in my career- Mesgena; Acc graduate

  • The mood was kept happy & relaxing & there were lots of useful exercises- Fauzia; BSc & CIMA student

  • Good value for money & lots of areas of accounting was covered- Aneta; AAT student

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