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How Do We Charge?

We offer each client a choice of options in our billing plans and payment terms. We discuss the options available, you decide, and tell us whichever option suits you. If your circumstances change at any point in time, you just let us know and we can change your plan to a more suitable one.

Billing Plans

  • Fixed Plan - With this plan there is a monthly charge agreed for a set number of services we will be rendering. This is common where we are in charge of your accounting and tax duties. This way you do not have to worry about additional charges for such services, as we take the risk and you have total peace of mind.
  • Variable Plan - This is where you are charged on an hourly basis. You get invoiced according to the time spent on each service. You pay according to the time spent.
  • Combination of Fixed & Variable Plan - We offer clients the opportunity to have a fixed plan for certain services such as bookkeeping, payroll and accounting, and also offer them the opportunity to have a variable plan for other ad hoc services which they may require. So as they have a monthly fixed charge, they could also receive invoices for additional services they may require from us.
Having chosen a suitable billing plan, we will agree on one of the following payment terms.

Payment Terms

  • Monthly Standing Order - This works perfectly with clients on the fixed plan. They set up a monthly transfer from their bank into our bank account by instructing their bank. Arrangements are made for clients on variable plan to benefit from this payment term and this is closely monitored to avoid over-payment or under-payment.
  • Pay on Invoice - An invoice is sent to the client prior to completion of the work and this is settled by cheque upon completion of the work. If the work is worth more than 400, a part payment will be requested at inception and the balance will be due within 7 days of completion.
  • Bank Transfer- In other to enhance efficiency, we offer our clients the flexibility of making bank transfers for ad hoc services we render. Upon receipt of any payment into our account, we send you a receipt of payment statement.
We try to make life easy for all our clients. Could it be any easier? We are always open to sincere suggestions, so if you think we can make things even easier, please let us know, and we will be happy to consider it.
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